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Care tips for the non-medical Kapish mask

Care tips for the non-medical Kapish mask


In order to preserve the condition and quality of your masks, here is how to take care of them:

Instructions for washing and drying

1. Soak in hot soapy water for at least 30 minutes and then rinse

2. Dry flat or hang in a safe place

3. Lightly iron with a hot iron

Here are a few more explanations about disinfecting your Kapish masks;


It is often recommended to wash the masks with the rest of the laundry. However, this will affect the quality of the fibres and they will spread apart, making your mask less effective as well as damaging it.

To maximize its durability, we strongly suggest hand washing, as indicated in the La Presse Plus article "Disinfecting your mask well": "According to Professor Golemi-Kotra, the best way to disinfect a cloth mask is to leave it soaking in warm soapy water for at least one hour. Dr. Bryski also suggests washing it with soap and warm water for "at least 20 seconds"(1).


Although machine drying is the best method to kill viruses, it will damage your cotton mask. Instead, we advise you to dry them flat or hang them in a safe place as mentioned in the La Presse Plus article entitled "Disinfecting your cloth mask well" (2). Once it is completely dry, iron it with a hot iron.

Other tips

How to handle the mask?

First wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or hydroalcoholic gel.

To put it on, always hold the mask by the elastics and make sure that it covers the nose and mouth and that it extends under the chin.

How long should I wear it?

A mask should not be worn for more than four hours according to AFNOR, the French standards organization. It is espacially recommended to change the mask when it becomes wet or after a meal.

How do I take it off?

Remove your mask by always handling it with the elastics, put it in a safe place and above all, wash your hands!


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